How many sugars and carbs are in CocoRinga?

CocoRinga has no added sugar. There is 1.8g of natural occurring sugar from the coconut and tapioca used to make the plant creamer and from the chicory root sap used to sweeten. There are only 10 g of carbs mostly from the fiber content.

How many servings are in a box?

There are 2 weeks supply in a box.  14 individually packed sachets of delicious goodness.

I am diabetic, can I drink CocoRinga?

Yes you can. Unlike other Hot Chocolates, CocoRinga has no added or refined sugars. Plus, because we use Cacao unprocessed and Miracle Food Moringa, CocoRinga helps to reduce glucose levels.

CocoRinga also improves insulin resistance and glucose metabolism.

Will I lose weight?

CocoRinga helps reduce high-fat diet-induced obesity. In essence, you will be able to manage your diet better as you will eat less since your body will be getting the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs, you will have less cravings for sugary and junk foods.

Since CocoRinga is a detoxifier and a good diuretic, the removal of toxins from the body will improve the digestive and metabolic system and the excess water removal causes you to weigh less.

Will I have better memory?

Your brain, heart and digestive health will improve. Cacao has been scientifically proven to improve brain and heart health. Moringa has been scientifically proven to improve digestion. The Oligossacharide contains pre and pro bitics to keep the colon healthy.

Can the whole family enjoy?

You bet! 

What are Oligosaccharides?

Oligosaccharides pronounced O-li-go-sak-a-ride is the natural sweetener from Chicory root used in CocoRinga. It is a Pre-biotic and keeps the colon and digestive tract healthy. It also aids in lowering cholesterol, strenghtening the immune system and is good for diabetics because it improves glucose metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity. Read the facts here 

Oligosaccharides Facts

Can I drink CocoRinga cold?

Absolutely. Simply mix the contents with a small amount of hot water to fully dissolve then add cold water, ice or simply refrigerate or freeze.

I find it hard to mix. Any suggestions?

You might not be using hot water. Please ensure the water is hot and only mix a small amount of water ensuring the mixture is fully dissolved. Add more hot water bit by bit to your desired taste.